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Do you want to know what is keyword research tools? There are some free tools for keyword research available for your targeted keyword. If you want to know about keyword research, you have to understand that what is keyword research? The keyword is a term that we type into search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Facebook. There are many things connected with keyword research. If you want to do keyword research, you have to do keyword research with many things in mind. There are some keyword research topics that will always come in front of you

  • Search volume: Search volume is basically the number of people searching for your targeted keywords that will be shown in the search volume.
  • Search trend  The search trends will show you what month of the year your targeted keywords are in search volume.
  • Location: Then came the location. That means you want to do keyword research in any location. Suppose you want to do keyword research in a European location. Then you will see your targeted keyword like that location.
  • CPC(Cost per click): This means that if you want to advertise on this targeted keyword on Google, you can see how much you have to pay per click here.
  • Filter: Then there is the filter. In the case of keyword research we set a number of filters such as if I have 10 to 100 or 10 to 400 keywords to find low competitive keywords I normally prefer to work with those keywords.

So search volume, location, filter, CPC are all things we get when we do keyword research.

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Best Free tools for keyword research:

If you want to do keyword research for free, you will not get all the results in just one tool. If you are a free user and want to get all the results mentioned above, then you need to use four or five tools together. Below are some of the best keyword research tools:

Uber Suggest-tools for keyword research

Ubersuggest is my favorite tool. When you visit Ubersuggest, you will see its interface like below image. If you want, you can search on Google and come to Ubersuggest website and do keyword research. Then you need to paste your targeted keywords in the search bar. You can also select your target country here if you want. Then you will see a full overview of your keywords. If you are new to Ubersuggest, you will need to signup. The easiest way to sign in is through your Google Account.

So visit the Ubersuggest website and research the keywords of your choice.

tools for keyword research

Keyword Revealer:

There are two things to keep in mind when doing keyword research, the Long tail keyword and the Low Competitive keyword. If you find long tail and low competitive keywords then you are more likely to succeed in SEO, SEM and affiliate marketing. If you find long tail and low competitive keywords then you are more likely to succeed in SEO, SEM and affiliate marketing. With this tool you can easily find this type of keyword. 

So, Keyword Revealer is one of the best free tools for keyword research. Free tools for keyword research. So go Keyword Revealer and create your account. So write your targeted keyword and get the result.

tools for keyword research

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Google Keyword Planner:

One of the most popular keywords in google keyword planner and its completely free. If you want to use Google Keyword Planner, you must have a Google AdWords account. You cannot use Google Keyword Planner without a Google Adwords account. And creating a Google AdWords account is totally free. It’s very simple to create a Google AdWords account.

Keyword Tool:

With this tool, you can do keyword research or generate keyword ideas from google, youtube, amazon, Twitter, bing, and others. If you are a butt-free user, other information like search volume CPC will not show these. Only related keywords will show here. From here you can collect keyword-related data and do keyword research through other tools. So go to the website and search your targeted keyword. So you can find numerous related keywords using these tools. When you visit this website, the interface will look like the image below.

tools for keyword research

Google Search Suggestions:

When you search for a keyword on Google, Google will suggest your keyword as well as other related keywords. These suggestions are for this purpose. Other users like you are searching with the same keyword. If you write an article with the keywords that show in the Google search suggestions, you can easily rank. The reason is that the keywords that people are searching for by typing them are suggested by Google.

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