How to branding yourself and why branding is so important?

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By branding oneself, I mean presenting myself in front of everyone. Let everyone find me with one name. That is to present one’s own brand value online. Brand value online means I will be open everywhere. Anyone can search for me and find something like this. In other words, personal branding is basically presenting or introducing oneself or one’s personality in front of everyone.

What are the benefits of personal branding?

Below is a list of some of the benefits of personal branding:

  • Gaining one’s own trust from others.
  • Increase your value through a branding.
  • If you have a product then it is very easy to get spread.
  • Promote yourself online and increase your influence.
  • Connecting with a lot more people.
  • Networking increases professional connections.
  • Ensures the security and continuity of work.
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What are the ways to increase your brand value:

1. Own presence at Google:

Anyone can search on Google to find a person. That’s why you need to make sure that your social profiles show courses in Google search results. If not, you can use the BrandYourSelf website to strengthen your social profiles on Google. These tools will go a long way in building your brand value on Google.

2. Own professional profile on social media:

More or less everyone has a profile on social media. In all profiles, you have to introduce yourself with your own branding name. If someone comes to Google and searches, all the profiles show. For example, LinkedIn is a great place for professionals. So create your social profile using your branding name.

All your social profiles need to be updated by posting regularly. Now if someone searches Google with your branding name then Google will show all your profiles.

3. Create your personal blogging website:

You can create a website with your branding name. You can blog with experts on the subject. You can share your skills with everyone through the website. This way you can brand yourself well. And if you do not have a website of your own, you can blog for free on Blogger.

4. Supporting others on social media:

You can present yourself beautifully by joining groups on other social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, reddit, and The subject is discussed by experts in the group, and suggestions can be given to those who are having problems in the comment section. Your brand will be recognized gradually and will have its own value.

5. Create audio or video podcasts on a regular basis:

Bloggers in foreign countries who are social influencers. They make audio podcasts and upload videos to YouTube. Putting the words of your blog in front of the camera will create a video podcast, which can be uploaded to your YouTube channel or Facebook page.

This way you can create your own branding value.

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