What is the page builder elementor for WordPress website?

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Elementor is the most popular drag and drop page builder in wordpress. You can easily create a custom layout using elementor for wordpress website. Everyone who works with WordPress knows elementor is a very powerful page builder. There are in total 90+ widgets available in elementor builder. All of widgets called:

*Basic Widgets
*Pro Widgets

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Basic Widgets

All the widgets are not available in the free version. There are also pro version in elementor. If you want to use all elements then you purchase their pro version. First we will look at the basic or free versions of elementor that available.

Basic Widgets in elementor for wordpress:

If you want to design your WordPress website with Elementor Page Builder then you must install Element Plugin. Then you will get 30 widgets for free. With the free version and the elements you can design a basic page or website. Below is a list of basic widgets:

  • Inner Section,
  • Heading,
  • Image,
  • Text Editor,
  • Video Button,
  • Star Rating,
  • Divider,
  • Google Maps,
  • Icon,
  • Image Box
  • Basic Gallery
  • Image Carousel
  • Icon List
  • Counter
  • Spacer
  • Testimonials
  • Tabs
  • Accordion
  • Toggle
  • Social Icons
  • Progress Bar,
  • Sound Cloud,
  • Shortcode,
  • HTML
  • Menu Anchor
  • Allert
  • Sidebar
  • Text Math

Inner Sections: With this section, you can create a new row in a column. Inner sections are used to create some complex designs.

Basic Gallery: 

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Pro Widgets in elementor for wordpress:

If you want to add many advanced features to your website or give it an elegant look then you must buy the Pro version. The Pro version has 90+ widgets available.

elementor with wordpress
PRO Widgets

There also three type widgets in pro version.

  1. Theme Elements
elementor with wordpress
theme elements

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2. Woocommerce Widgets

elementor pro for wordpress
woocommerce Widgets

Pricing table for elementor pro:

There are 5 category type pricing plan in elementor pro version.

  • ESSENTIAL : Which is per 1 website for $49/year 

  • ADVANCED:  Which is per 3 website for $99/year 

  • EXPERT :       Which is 25 pro website for $199/year 

  • STUDIO :      Which is per 1 website for $100/year 

  • AGENCY :     Which is per 1000 website for $999/year 

elementor pro for wordpress,elementor pro new pricing

Select the pricing plan of your choice and purchase Elementor Pro.

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